Choosing the Right Supplement Stack [INFOGRAPHIC]

Choosing the Right Supplement Stack [INFOGRAPHIC]

The most frequently asked question we get from our customers is "What type of supplement should I use to achieve my goal faster?"

Well for your easy and straight forward understanding we created a solution that will give you the basic to the most advanced supplementation process that will fit your fitness goals!

We divided this process into 4 stages, each stage will focus on a specific goal and can change depending on your progress. [Shown in the infographic below]

how to choose the right supplement stack - whey king supplements

If you need more information on starting out your fitness journey, check out our series on Whey King University!

Watch The Whey King U Episodes:

Welcome to Whey King U Know Your Body - EP 1 Workout Plan (EP 2) Food and Diet (EP 3) Supplementation (EP 4) Choosing Your Stack (EP 5)

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