Fitness Strategies

Fitness Strategies

In the previous article about Steps to Setting your Fitness Goal, we've come to understand the essential questions in Goal Setting. Let's now focus on developing strategies and how to execute them.

Here are the things you need to consider:

1. Money

There's no discrimination here. In fact, you don't need to be well-off to enroll. There's a lot of fitness centers out there that offer cheap rates. The other option to save you time and money is to do some exercise routines at home. You just need some dumbbells, a mat or an exercise ball and just follow some workout sessions on YouTube. Routines would depend on the body goal you want to attain. But you know, if you really like to attain a healthy body, why not invest on it right? You'll benefit from it anyway! Body and mind are our own investments so we need to take care of them.

2. Schedule

This one is complicated yet crucial. Some gym rats spend like 4 to 6 hours in the gym but if you have a full-time job or other personal business, it's important to arrange your schedule. Give it at least 1-2 hours a day or thrice a week depending on how you would want your fitness to be like. Balancing is the key!

3. Place

For sure, there are fitness centers near your place that suit your budget. You can search the internet to see which one is near you or you can do it at home.

4. Body Type

There are certain routines depend on your body type and what you want to achieve specifically. If you want to achieve a bulky and toned body then you might need some equipments and a personal fitness coach. Fitness trainers are experts so they know a lot of well-rounded routines. Not only they could give you workout tips, they could also give you suggestions on what kind of fitness supplements to take.

5. Fitness Supplements

Our body is like a machine that needs some work so that it won't rust away, and of course, a fuel to keep it working. You need to nourish and maintain it.

Here are the types of supplements that you may take depending on your body goal:

1. Creatine Supplements - Creatine serves as the body stimulus for protein synthesis so basically, it increases the strength and enhances the size of your muscles. Creatine Phosphate that is stored within your muscles is used to supply the type 11b of your muscle fibers. It helps you pump out more repetitions. It has also been studied and proven to enhance muscle recovery.

2. Protein Shakes - Protein is the major structural component of all cells in the human body. Our body needs protein nutrients as the fuel source for growth and maintenance. They are also one of the building blocks of body tissues and they are needed to form blood cells. Protein shakes help in muscle building and weight loss. It may also help you gain healthy muscle weight if you take it along with a proper training.

3. Mass gainers - the amount of whey protein may be less but they contain higher fats and calories, not surprised why they are called "high-calorie supplements" Mass gainers are rich with carbohydrates that supply you with the energy beneficial for your intense workout. They contain Whey protein which is a supplement for bodybuilding. Furthermore, mass gainers are rich in fiber that helps to improve digestion. It also helps in muscle recovery and growth.

4. Fat Burners - they are designed to help your body burn fats by increasing your metabolism. They are best to take with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

All these types of supplements are available at Whey King. You may purchase them online at your convenience or you might want to visit some of our stores and get to speak with our fitness experts!

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