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USN Anabolic Mass is formulated to offer a muscle mass catalyst, a plateau breakthrough system. High protein drink is provided with a mixture of amino acids, minerals, sugars and sweetener.

12 Lbs. Value Pack. Up To 1280 Calories per Serving. 55g Protein. Up To 252g Carbs per Serving. Up To 11.2g BCAAs per Serving. Natural Cocoa. All-In-One. The Ultimate High-Impact Mass Gainer. 55g Premium 6-Stage Multi-Protein Matrix. Premium Formulation For: The Ultimate High-Impact Mass Gainer. All-In-One Catalyst for Optimal Results.

Directions: For Best Results: One Or More Full Serving A Day. Recommended Use: Add 4 Scoops (334g) Of Anabolic Mass To A Blender Filled With 17-20 Oz (500-600ml) Of Water. Blend For 45-60 Seconds. Serving Tips: Mixing 4 Scoops Of Anabolic Mass With 17-20 Oz Of Non-Fat Or Low Fat Milk Instead Of Water Will Give You A Thicker, Creamier, Higher-Calorie Shake. Substituting Water For 20 Oz (600ml) Low Fat Milk Will Add 20g Protein And 1.8g Leucine Per Serving. New Users May Find It Beneficial To Begin With ½ A Serving Daily For The First Week And Then Gradually Increase It To 1 Or More Full Serving.


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