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PROSUPPS INCREDIBULK was created to be the most effective, highest quality lean muscle gaining formulation on the market. INCREDIBULK addresses the needs of the ectomorph ‘hard-gainer’ head on and pushes your lean mass building potential to the next level with a well-rounded profile featuring 250+ carbohydrates, 50g of premium protein and a total of 1,250 calories per serving.

You’ve got everything to gain with ProSupps® IncrediBULK® weight gainer protein, created to be one of the most effective, highest quality lean muscle gaining formulations on the market., IncrediBULK® addresses the needs of the ectomorph ‘hard-gainer’ head on, and pushes lean mass building potential to the next level, delivering 250g+ carbohydrates, 50g of premium protein and over 1,200 calories per serving. Further rounding out the nutritional profile is the addition of CLA and MCTs for lean muscle and metabolism support. IncrediBULK® is Informed Choice Certified and can be taken post-workout or throughout the day. It’s time to go big or go bigger. †

  • Over 1250 Calories Per Serving
  • Dual-Source Whey Protein Blend
  • Dual-Source Carbohydrate for Steady Absorption
  • Made Especially for Ectomorphs

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